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Welcome to PrimeMD! With Dr. Cain, your family will get the individualized care and attention you deserve. As a Direct Primary Care physician, she will be there when you need her to assess your medical needs and partner with you to keep you healthy.
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PrimeMD offers an extensive range of conveniently available and personalized medical services tailored to meet your specific needs.


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A Better Way To Do Healthcare

Working with a Direct Primary Care physician also translates to lower healthcare costs. Affordable, transparent costs are based on a monthly fee that PrimeMD members pay directly to the physician. This membership fee covers all office visits and procedures done in office. This translates to no copays, fee-for-service billing, or surprise bills months down the road. Dr. Cain is accountable first and foremost to you, the patient, not some insurance company or large healthcare system. Being a PrimeMD member also allows you access to wholesale prescription medication and laboratory testing. PrimeMD provides these services to their members at 10% over wholesale cost.

Your Healthcare. Your Way.

A PrimeMD membership includes full-spectrum family medical care.  PrimeMD members get annual exams, school and sports physicals, well woman exams, mental health management, visits for management of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and urgent care visits to treat such conditions as the flu, strep throat, UTIs, and injuries at no additional cost.  All procedures Dr. Cain performs in the office such as joint injection, mole removal, and stitches are also included with your PrimeMD monthly membership fee.

Dr. Cain speaks Spanish and welcomes Spanish-speaking patients.

If you’re looking to make an appointment, please contact us at 219-262-0037 or primemdforme@gmail.com.