Frequently Asked Questions

Direct primary care is an innovative way of managing healthcare. Patients get access to quality, comprehensive care for a low monthly fee. No insurance means no middleman making arbitrary decisions about patients’ care, and instead, doctors can focus patients.

With direct primary care, many issues patients face can be handled via a phone call, text, or email instead of an office visit. With PrimeMD, patients have 24/7 access to their physician for any urgent issues that may arise. For example, Dr. Cain will meet her patients at the office, after hours if necessary, to deal with urgent care, such as broken bones or cuts that need stitches.

Having a direct primary care provider means knowing your doctor is there when you need them. Because of reduced overhead and administrative tasks that come along with third-party billing, Physicians can focus on you and your care, while extending that savings onto you. The monthly membership is paid directly by patients to the physician and typically covers extended visits, consultative services, care coordination, and comprehensive care management.

Patients achieve superior health outcomes with DPC providers, as they have better access to their physicians and comprehensive patient care. They have doctors who know them, their family, and their medical histories. This means having a doctor you can trust and who will help you navigate your own healthcare to stay healthy.

No.  At PrimeMD, we choose not to bill insurance to avoid the restrictions insurance imposes on physician autonomy.  Forgoing these insurance payments also allows physicians to avoid arbitrary, intrusive decisions made by insurers.  We want to focus our time on what is needed by our patients, not on what is required by the insurance companies.

Yes, however, you may be able to reduce the amount you pay. For example, you won’t need to pay for urgent care visits, as you’ll be able to see your doctor when you need to. Being able to discuss problems over the phone or via text with your doctor can help you stay healthier and avoid the emergency room too.

PrimeMD patients also have access to prescription medication at 10% over wholesale cost, which translates to significant savings. For example, Meloxicam (an anti-inflammatory medication) is $11.87 for 30 pills at the cheapest local retail pharmacy. However, PrimeMD patients can purchase the same medication through their doctor’s office for only $1.50.

You’ll still need insurance if you have a major health problem, because there are certain services that direct primary care providers cannot provide, such as surgery, hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and specialty care. You’ll need insurance to cover these situations

Prescription medication services are available through PrimeMD. Medications are sold to PrimeMD members at approximately 10% over wholesale cost, to cover the expense of packaging. Many times, it is much cheaper for patients to purchase medications through us than to use their insurance, or they can obtain medications otherwise unobtainable because insurance will not cover them.

For example, even with insurance, the generic version of Zetia, a cholesterol medication, can cost $175 for a 90 day supply. PrimeMD members are able to purchase this for $15 for a 90 day supply, a savings of $160 per 90 days or $640 a year. This savings alone will cover over half of a PrimeMD yearly membership.

In addition to saving money, obtaining medication through PrimeMD, our members save time. No more waiting at the pharmacy for medications or refills. No more showing up and having the medication not be ready. When you are sick, you can just go home with your medication from the doctor’s office without having to make an extra stop at the pharmacy.

Having a direct primary care provider helps you stay healthy. Instead of focusing on an illness-based mindset, where you wait for something to go wrong before seeking treatment, with DPCs you can work proactively to keep living a good lifestyle. Dr. Cain will help you with preventive care and encourage all-around good health for years to come.