Your membership through PrimeMD covers just about everything that can be done in a Primary Care office.

Laboratory testing is only 10% over wholesale cost, and prescription medications are also 10% over wholesale cost. Members have access to Dr. Cain via private email, text, and cell phone for urgent matters after hours.

Here are the services included in the PrimeMD membership:

Chronic Medical Condition Management

Effectively manage chronic conditions with our compassionate support and personalized treatment plans, improving your quality of life through comprehensive care and ongoing monitoring.

Mental Health Management

Enhance your mental well-being with our compassionate mental health management services, offering personalized treatment plans and evidence-based interventions. Our dedicated team will guide you on your journey to optimal emotional and psychological wellness.

Well Child Check-ups

Ensure the well-being and development of your child with our attentive and comprehensive well-child check-ups, providing essential monitoring and guidance for their growth and health.

Sports Physicals 

Stay in the game with our reliable and efficient sport physicals, ensuring that athletes are in optimal condition and ready to participate safely and competitively.

Laceration Repair 

Experience swift and skillful laceration repair, ensuring thorough wound closure and optimal healing for a seamless recovery.

Wart Removal

Effortlessly eliminate unsightly warts with our professional and effective wart removal service, restoring the appearance and confidence of your skin.

Influenza Testing

Rapidly diagnose and manage influenza with our efficient and accurate influenza testing, enabling timely treatment and safeguarding your health.

Testing for Vaginal Infections

Ensure optimal vaginal health with our thorough and precise testing for vaginal infections, providing accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment for your well-being.

Endometrial Biopsy

Receive a precise and minimally invasive endometrial biopsy, aiding in the diagnosis and management of potential uterine health concerns with accuracy and care.

Covid Management

Effectively navigate the challenges of COVID-19 with our comprehensive COVID management services, providing expert guidance, testing, and personalized care to ensure your health and well-being.

Annual Exam

Experience a thorough and comprehensive annual exam that ensures your health is proactively monitored and any potential concerns are addressed promptly.

School Physicals

Get ready for the school year with our convenient and thorough school physicals, ensuring your child is healthy and ready to excel academically and athletically.

Simple Fracture Care 

Receive prompt and expert care for simple fractures, ensuring efficient treatment and a speedy recovery to get you back on your feet in no time.

IUD Insertion

Receive expert and comfortable IUD insertion, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free contraceptive solution tailored to your needs.

Joint Injection 

Relieve joint discomfort and enhance mobility with our precise and relieving joint injection therapy, tailored to target and alleviate your specific pain points.

Rapid Strep Testing 

Quickly detect and address strep throat with our reliable rapid strep testing, allowing for prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Urinalysis Testing 

Gain valuable insights into your urinary health with our comprehensive urinalysis testing, enabling early detection of potential issues and guiding appropriate treatment.

Nexplanon Insertion

Experience hassle-free contraception with our expert Nexplanon insertion service, providing a long-lasting and highly effective birth control solution tailored to your needs.

Pap Smear

Ensure your reproductive health with our reliable and comfortable pap smear service, offering early detection and prevention of cervical abnormalities for your peace of mind.